People Decision

People Decision is an automated tool that converts the decisions of human talent into strategic decisions in an organization, correlating all the variables of human talent on a single screen.

Influencers (opinion leaders)

This is the first tool. Imagine meeting the opinion leaders (influencers) within the company, helping you achieve results, pushing for the company to achieve its goals, influencing the culture and creating a high-performance environment.
Identify and make an automatic map of the in fl uencers within the company.

It is a tool based on the sociological conception of behavior and influence, which has been tested in various industries with surprising results.
What if influencers within the company support and sustain the new projects and strategy?

Organizational Climate

It helps you measure and manage the climate within the organization. Imagine measuring the organizational climate, correlating it with cause and effect variables and knowing the influence of opinion leaders on the climate, this tool achieves it and provides results immediately and automatically.
How could you contribute to the results of the company if you have the elements to manage the organizational climate quickly and specifically?

eNPS (Net Promoter Score)

This tool measures employee engagement within the organization. Imagine measuring the number of promoters and detractors, knowing how much the employees recommend to the company where they work, in correlation with cause and effect variables and identifying the promoter and detractor opinion leaders.
How many improvements could you implement within the company with a tool like this?


It measures the performance of work teams and people within an organization. Imagine knowing which teams have high performance, which have low performance and being able to correlate it with variables to determine the causes.
How much could you positively influence the performance of your organization?


It allows to analyze the different variables of human talent regarding generational changes.
Imagine knowing the performance, climate, culture, influencers, etc., all correlated with the different generations automatically.
Would you manage each generation differently?


It helps you measure and manage the culture within the organization. Imagine measuring the organizational culture and correlating it with cause and effect variables, measuring the influence of opinion leaders on the culture and obtaining the results immediately and automatically.
How much could culture drive strategy?


This tool helps you determine to what extent the necessary competencies are currently filled within work teams and in individual employees within the organization. Imagine knowing what skills you need to develop in different work teams, planning and budgeting for it.
How much could the organization improve if competency gaps are filled?

360 Evaluation

This tool helps you carry out an evaluation of three hundred and sixty degrees to each employee in an automated way. Imagine correlating this evaluation with performance and other important variables.
How can you impact the organization with the correlated information of each employee?

Mind Structure

This tool measures the mental structure of each employee within the company. Imagine knowing the strengths, the areas for improvement, and understanding how each employee might behave under different circumstances.
How much could this help each employee and relationships within work teams?


This tool creates a map that links the alignment of each employee to the company and its performance, expressed in quadrants for easy visualization of work teams and employees.
What decisions would you make if you knew which employees are aligned and high performing and who are not?


This module identifies relevant information presenting possible routes to follow to develop a strategic management of human talent
Do you know what to focus on to increase the performance of the company?